Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling (ages 12+) sessions are offered in-person at the Vancouver location (or online upon request). For information about counselling for adults click here.

Child/Youth Counselling

Building rapport with your youth is the important first step to addressing concerns or challenges they may be facing. Sessions may include art therapeutic interventions, psycho-education, and building a toolbox of skills to address future challenges.

Sessions may also include collaborative problem-solving with parents and the youth, as well as looking at adjustments that could be made to the youth’s environment to best suit their individual needs ( for example: incorporating more sensory input/activities, developing family rhythms, adjusting daily routines, sleep hygiene improvements)

Areas of Practice

  • understanding child/youth behaviour
  • medical trauma, navigating health issues
  • family dynamics/blended families
  • improving communication and connection
  • adjusting to change or new realities
  • processing grief and loss
  • addressing symptoms of anxiety/depression
  • bullying and confidence


  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • somatic experiencing
  • internal family systems/parts work (IFS)
  • mindfulness
  • play/art therapeutic interventions
  • collaborative problem solving
  • psycho-education and skill building
  • family integrative therapy

Spacious counselling office with window, area for doing art, sand table and access to play therapy tools

Bookshelf complete with play therapy tools and art supplies

Waiting area with books and magazines